Tuesday, November 02, 2010

More Babes.

Now that the title has grabbed the attention of every male under 30, I'll tell you about last night's rehearsal of 'Babes In The Wood'.

It didn't go well.

The rehearsal was planned to be a complete run through of Part 1 without books. It ended up bitty, unstructured and, for me at least, a little frustrating.  However, you get nights like that and have to accept that not everything goes to plan. 

On the plus side, every member of the cast showed up and most people knew most of their lines.

One of the actresses showed up despite suffering some severe neck pain after a car crash a few weeks ago and needed to leave early because of it.  So we did her parts first. 

Having set my mind on not being needed for the first half hour, it threw me a little when called upon and consequently I was unprepared for the run through and forgot a lot of the lines.  C'est la vie.

At one point early on in the pantomime, I do a little song and dance with the other two evil characters.  As this was not going to get done last night, we disappeared into another room and ran through it, ironing out all the little bugs.  We're now almost perfect...in our opinion anyway.

So, despite the problems, we got a lot done.  I'm now molesting only one woman, and just being creepy to the other one (the lady with the bad neck) instead of molesting them both.  Ah well, you can't have everything.

The molestee does get to kick me to the floor though and I'm sure she's enjoying that more than she should.  I also know the nurse is enjoying hitting me with a rolling pin and the dog enjoys biting my bum.

All of this reminded me that, on occasions, I have the same problem with writing.  Nothing goes to plan and I only get a little bit done here and there.  I also realised that it doesn't matter if that happens, because I still get some things done...like my blog a day later than planned. 

Every achievement, however small, is worth a smile of satisfaction.

Have a great day.


Meg said...

"Every achievement, however small, is worth a smile of satisfaction."

Awesome line and so true.


Martin Willoughby said...


Justus M. Bowman said...

Keep dancing.