Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Brown Trousers Time

We have less than a month till the play has its first night...and we still haven't had the full cast together more than once.

The play WILL go ahead on 9th-11th December, partly because the hall is booked through the whole of January.  However, we are going to have some Saturday rehearsals and go through the vital scenes.

You may think that all scenes are vital, and you'd be partly correct.  Some scenes are more important than others, not necessarily because they carry the story, but, in this case at least, because they contain the slapstick humour.  Get it wrong and you end up with a fleet of ambulances outside.

We have a plank of wood (made out of polystyrene) several sword fights and a few people (including me) getting hit on the head with wooden objects.  Add to that people falling all over the place and you need to get it right.

Learning words is easy by comparison.

Watch this space.

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