Tuesday, July 06, 2010

Low Days

We all get low days, sometimes lower than others and yesterday was one of mine.

I was typing, listening to MP3s and wondering 'what's the point' when a song serendipitously played. The song is called Together My Friend, and was written by a friend of mine, Sonia King, over 20 years ago. I've printed the lyrics below so they can give you a lift too.

She has her own website dedicated to her music now and four albums to her name, but I don't think she's ever bettered this song.


When life gets hard,
and the mountains seem high,
When you're weary,
you may want to give up and die.
Just remember what God has promised
to those who would endure.

Don't give up now my friend,
you have made it this far.
In the morning look up, see a bright morning star -
a new beginning - a brand new start.

Together we'll walk on through this life.
and help each other along the path,
with the Word of Truth
as a lamp shining brightly
through the night.

When the mountains are high
you must keep on climbing.
Keep the goal in sight,
a new day is dawning.
Press on towards the high calling;
the prize and the mark!

Yes when life gets you down and you feel all alone,
when you're crying and sad I just want you to know,
and remember - what God has promised
to those who would endure.

Time is short now my friend, we don't have very long
to prepare in our lives a foundation that's strong, -
to start over - to change a world gone wrong.

When life gets you down.
When mountains get higher -
Just remember - the future is brighter.

When life gets you down,
Never think of dying
only - fighting - to the very end
and together my friend, we will have made it.

When you've come to the end of the race
then you've won.
God's promise of grace will then speedily come
for enduring - to the end of your life which you've done.

So carry on and be courageous!
We will be strong through all the trials
which each one faces.
When life gets hard and the mountains are hard to climb.
So walk on - until the crown of life is won!

Together we - will walk in peace - in harmony & love.

(copyright Sonia King 1987)


Enjoy the day.


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Tess said...

this is really lovely, Martin. I've had plenty of those days -- we all do. Isn't it amazing that these words came onto your MP3? That's a little blessing distilling from heaven. Like God is saying, "I understand."