Wednesday, July 07, 2010

Driving Behind Lorries

One of my pet hates is being behind a lorry, van or other large vehicle. It's not because they are slow, though they usually are, or because they throw out diesel fumes that leave me coughing and pulling weird faces in disgust. It's because I can't see round them.

When I'm behind these monsters, the road ahead is invisible to me, so I get impatient and try my best to overtake the vehicle.  It becomes the most important thing in the world to be in front of 'that thing', even if it's doing a respectable speed.

Why? Like a lot of people I don't appreciate not knowing what lies ahead. I want to know what I'm doing next week, next month, next year. I want to see the futurre clearly so I need not worry about it (or so I can REALLY worry about it). I want to know where my next wage cheque is coming from, where my children will be in the future and if they'll be safe.

I can't know these things so I, like a lot of other people, take control of what I can.  When I overtake the lorry I can see the road, but I can't change the road and I still can't see what's over the horizon or round the next bend.

For now, I am going to stop overtaking vehicles that go at a decent speed and keep back from them so I don't choke on their fumes. I shall calm down, concentrate on what's more improtant and live a good life, instead of obsessing on a future I cannot change and, mostly, cannot influence.


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T. Anne said...

I'd like to think you can influence the future, or at least the one who created time itself.

Martin Willoughby said...

We can influence how we approach the road and ask the big guy to clear the traffic, but I'm not so sure we can dig it up and replace it.