Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Two Weeks and Counting.

In just over two weeks we have the first night of the play.

I have my lines almost perfect, my positions on stage just about right and my costumes ready. The props are coming together as well as I've just built a cine camera...from cardboard.

We can also start storing props at the hall as the previous play has finished and the 'vault' is free for us to use.

Other people have got their parts organised, their lines learned (with only a few faults), and their movements planned. Given the sorry state the play was in a month ago, we've done well. It's looking like we will be putting on one of the best performances in a long time.

On the writing front I am getting published every week in Hub via book reviews, whilst I am getting more work in for my PC business. My house situation is also looking better.

The year is looking up.