Thursday, April 29, 2010

Tips For a Book Proposal

This list applies to Non-Fiction and Fiction.

1 - What is your subject? Where would you find it on the bookstore shelf?

2 - What is the book's function? Entertain, inform?

3 - Which readers do you have in mind? Be specific and as narrow as you can be, such as 'men who work from home' or 'readers interested in the works of Stephen King'.

4 - Who are you? Experience, qualifications etc.

5 - What are the main alternatives? Why does your one differ?

6 - Would your book fit the agents/publishers list? Basic research should tell you the answer to that one.

7 - How would you support the marketing of the book? The cheaper the better.

8 - Who could endorse your book? David Beckham or your mother?

Other things to consider are:
- Does the book have enough energy to keep people turning the pages
- Is it focused on meeting its goals and its readers needs

Can you answer all, or some, of these questions as you write your story?

adapted from 'The Perfect Proposal' by Tony Collins in 'Christian Writer' Summer 2010. Tony Collins is publisher of Monarch Books


Cindy said...

Those are good tips, especially about specific. That's one thing I'm really focusing on in my synopses, proposals and query letters lately

Anonymous said...

I love readding, and thanks for your artical. ........................................

Martin Willoughby said...

Like all lists, it helps to point you in the right direction.