Friday, April 23, 2010

Gas Mask

Last night's rehearsal was great: and I wore a gas mask.

I didn't wear it to hide my lovely face, but to raise a laugh. I'd suggested the idea to one of the directors last week and she'd said that we ought to try it. Eventually, one of the cast members discovered one amongst her husband's junk (why do women always call men's nic nacs junk, but call their collections decorations?)

Towards of the end of the first act, the Artemis Players put on a performance of MacBeth in a pub. The witches scene calls for smoke and someone overdoes the smoke causing the cast, and the prompter (Reggie, who I'm playing) to cough. That's when I bring out the gas mask.

As it is set in 1940, someone having a gas mask to hand is quite believable.

When I put it on people laughed. When I lifted it up to do my prompting (by saying 'wrong') they laughed some more.

Seems like a good idea.

Have a great weekend.