Monday, March 15, 2010

Another Milestone

I've had my first 'official review' published.

I was sent a book called 'The Age of Zeus' by Hub magazine, read it, reviewed it and sent the review off. It was published this week in Hub 114. WOOHOO!

Another step on the road to world domination complete.

If you read it, you may wonder why I refer to raining about half way through. I meant training. Oops. Lesson learned...again.


On Friday, I gave you my thoughts on dreams. Over the weekend I had another insight, this time about how we access those memories.

For each of those pictures in the gallery, our minds assign key words, phrases, sounds, smells, sights. Whenever we see, hear, feel etc anything in that list, the memory is triggered.

Each of those memories is also stored in a gallery of similar memories, so when we access one of them we access them all.

I also think that the gallery is constantly being rearranged as we add new memories. New wings are added, some are combined, others removed or redecorated.

Have a great week. I will as the sun is out. I just hope it stays out.


Anonymous said...

congrats on getting you name out with that review. It is a great step in progress.

I agree with your assessment of what dreams are. However, I'll add one other thing:
Have you ever seen the original movie, "Clash of the Titans?"
At one point in the movie the woman has a dream and she gets in this compartment that is carried away by large birds. Though she is asleep she is visiting that place that she dreams about.
I think that is intriguing imagery to describe the dream state. Perhaps we visit the places we dream about in a parrallel universes or something?

Food for thought.

Anonymous said...
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