Thursday, February 18, 2010

A New Play

Rehearsals for the new play, We Happy Few by Imogen Stubbs have started. We're just having problems casting young women.

Whenever we take on a play that requires a large-ish number of people, we have a problem with casting. One of the problems is with younger people. Most of the people involved are forty and over, with a smattering of younger ones. Those who get most heavily involved tend to be the older ones.

So we're short of two young women.

We had one young lady turn up and she was great for the part, but her husband is taking her away to Paris on the weekend of the performance.

Another lady could easily take on the part of Charlie, but she, too, will be away that weekend.

Unfortunately, none of these female parts can be doubled up. Still, we have until May.

Other than that, the directors have decided to go with a minimalist set. Two large clothes rails, a small table and some chairs. Maybe a couple of other props littered around too.

We may have solved one problem by tonight as another teenager is interested, but we'll have to wait and see if she passes the audition.

Let the fun begin...again.


Meg said...

Sucks that the timing was off like that.

You'll find someone!

KLo said...

I wish that I could ship my older daughter your way ... she's between shows at the moment and at a complete loss as to what to do with herself : )

Everything will settle and shake out the way it's supposed to : )