Monday, January 04, 2010

New Year, New Goals

2010, watch out.

- Last year I had more pieces published than in any other year. In 2010 I intend to increase that figure again.

- Last year saw the final break with my old life. In 2010 I have started a new life.

- Last year saw some good and bad moments. As that applies to life in general, I don't see that changing at all, but I will make more of the good moments.

- Last year I joined a drama group and appeared in two plays. This year I will continue that and enjoy it more.

- Last year, my health and fitness dipped to their lowest ever level. In 2010 I will do more exercise and eat better.

And Finally...I will tell the people who are close to me how much they mean to me, and tell them as often as possible.

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