Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Things That Give Me Joy

A short list of some things that I enjoy and give me pleasure.

- Fixing/building/making things
- Helping people
- Gentle conversation
- Time with good friends
- Philosophical discussions, but NOT arguments
- Learning new things
- Reading a good book
- Watching entertainment
- Singing and dancing
- Being on stage
- Giving to others
- Sharing with others

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

So far....

1 - Short story edited and resent for further critiquing? (tick)

2 - Play script highlighted ready for line learning? (tick)

3 - Organised desk area? (tick)

4 - Updated NHWC website to allow members to put their pieces up for critiquing via Facebook? (tick)

5 - Told Yahoo group members that the group will be closing down on Friday? (oops...must get on with it)

Not bad for two days.

Friday, January 22, 2010

End of the Week

Ah, Friday, and what have I accomplished?

One short story completed in draft form and the second chapter of my novel completed likewise. Both sent out to friends for comments.

Lots of home-ed completed.

First read through of the play for May and celebration that I have two parts in it...maybe more depending on which other men want to take part.

Life is beginning to settle down and be sorted.

Roll on the rest of 2010.

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Home Education

It's been a good start to this year with Home Ed. The kids are getting on with their work well and learning their lessons well.

Some of them have trouble with maths, so I've taken my time with them and spent more on the basics than would normally be allowed in a class. We've also continued our trawl through English history and are up to the Anglo-Saxons and the Vikings.

We'll see the result of the studying on Thursday as they present their projects, some of which will be multi-media presentations.

This month we've started on Geography as well and are planning a visit to the Natural History Museum to tie in with January's theme: Dinosaurs. English has proceeded as normal as we revisited sentence structure and paragraphs. Add to that a study of the Tempest, story writing and a complete English package for one month has been achieved.

Not only that we've started dancing lessons... and I'm taking part too. The kids have decided to form a band and even the non-musical ones are encouraged to take part, if only on the triangle or tambourine.

All in all, a lot has been done. And there is a lot more to do too with kids who want to learn.

Thursday, January 14, 2010


It's cold and damp...when it isn't snowing. I haven't seen much sunshine over the past few days and I'm getting miserable.

And then...whilst listening to my mp3s on the PC up came a song called Daybreak.


I'm singin' to the world
It's time we let the spirit come in
Let it come on in
I'm singin' to the world
Everybody's caught in the spin
Look at where we've been
We've been runnin' around
Year after year Blinded with pride
Blinded with fear

But it's Daybreak If you wanna believe
It can be Daybreak Ain't no time to grieve
Said it's Daybreak If you'll only believe
And let it shine, shine, shine
All around the world

Singin' to the world
What's the point in puttin' it down?
There's so much love to share
I'm singin' to the world
Don't you see it all comes around
The feeling's everywhere
We've been closin' our eyes
Day after day Covered in clouds
Losin' our way

Hey, but it's Daybreak If you wanna believe
It can be Daybreak Ain't no time to grieve
Said it's Daybreak If you'll only believe
And let it shine, shine, shine
All around the world


That feels better.

Sunday, January 10, 2010

What's That Noise....

....Oh yes, that's silence.

My boys are with their mother, my eldest step-daughter is sleeping over with a friend and the other one is having a sleep-in.

Peace and quiet on a Sunday morning.


Time to read and write.

Thursday, January 07, 2010

Home Education Joys

Home education has restarted this week, and started with a bang.

Monday we prepared the kids for what was going to happen, then on Tuesday and Wednesday we put them through their paces with English and Science.

The joy of Home Education is that you can take a break from things for outside events, such as the snow. After lunch today, the four of them went out sledding. Education will restart when they return.

So they get to sled in the snow during daylight and still get educated. More to the point, the parents get time to themselves during the day.

History and Science to come.

Oh, and I've done some writing too.

Monday, January 04, 2010

New Year, New Goals

2010, watch out.

- Last year I had more pieces published than in any other year. In 2010 I intend to increase that figure again.

- Last year saw the final break with my old life. In 2010 I have started a new life.

- Last year saw some good and bad moments. As that applies to life in general, I don't see that changing at all, but I will make more of the good moments.

- Last year I joined a drama group and appeared in two plays. This year I will continue that and enjoy it more.

- Last year, my health and fitness dipped to their lowest ever level. In 2010 I will do more exercise and eat better.

And Finally...I will tell the people who are close to me how much they mean to me, and tell them as often as possible.