Monday, November 16, 2009

This is the Week

This Thursday, we perform 'A Doll's House' for the first time.

Tonight we have the first full dress rehearsal, make-up included. Guess I'll have to shave. The boys are looking forward to it, though not to wearing the make-up.

My eldest son helped with the sound and light setup yesterday and had a great time. It's also good practice for him when he does his media course next September.

On that note, we produced a small video to advertise it on Youtube. Let me know what you think about it.

On another unrelated matter, the geeks still cannot get computers to recognise emotions in writing.

They tested the marking ability of computers for English Language, by using some great speeches and texts of the past. The results were quite humourous and show that we humans still have a place on this planet, despite the best efforts of some businesspeople and politicians.

Enjoy your week.


missieone said...

Can't wait!! Sure it'll be amazing!!

Cindy said...

Good luck with performance. I enjoyed the costumes in the video!