Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Relax, Don't Do It.

We had the final dress rehearsal last night. The bells still didn't ring on time, the music was still a tad too loud and we all forgot some of our lines, but the play spun through to the end without a significant hitch.

We're ready for our first performance on Thursday.

Today is a day of rest. No rehearsals, no line learning, just rest from the play for a day. Easier for me as I work from home, but there will be no running to rehearsals tonight for anyone. Early night, cup of cocoa, plenty of sleep.

Writer's need the same. We need to relax when we've reached a certain goal, or have got stuck at a certain point. We need to refresh ourselves, clear our minds and let inspiration back in.

So put your feet up today. Rest, relax, sleep, spend time with your partner, your kids, your parents, your pets or your Nintendo. Give the brain a rest from the demands of writing and return refreshed tomorrow.

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KLo said...

Break a leg : )

I love that play!!!!!!!