Monday, October 12, 2009

More Rehearsals

There is just over a month till the play is performed and things are coming along nicely.

We have had two runthroughs of Act 1, without books, and both went well. The occasional hiccup, but nothing that can't be fixed with a little more practice.

We've also gone through Act 2 and on Thursday we will do a 'no book' runthrough of that.

The only problem is Nora. Not because she can't do it, but because the whole play revolves around her. Well, problem is not the correct word. She is onstage for most of the play, the only exception being the beginning of Act 3. She also has many long pieces, a lot of which sound the same or have the same feel.

The rest of us have to get our feeder lines correct or she'll get things wrong.

I am REALLY looking forward to this now. At the start I was worrying if I could learn all of my lines, but I'm finding out just how well I can learn these things. I just need to believe in myself a lot more.

Oh, remember me mentioning someone flirting with me? Well, let's hope I was wrong about that as she's married.

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