Monday, October 05, 2009

Diary - The Next Generation

7.30am: Alarm woke me up and I tried to wake up youngest son. Failed.

7.35am: Finally got grumpy little child up and out of bed. Made His Majesty some breakfast.

7.45am: The Emperor is crying as his mother packed the wrong trousers for school. Promise to swing by her place so he can get another pair.

8.15am: Leave to take the High Priest to school.

8.30am: Chase the High Lord of the Galaxy around the school playground. He runs out of energy before I do.

8.45am: The God of all things deigns to enter school...after I chase him around some more and kiss him several times in front of his friends.

10.30am: Leave home with sprog number 1 to collect sprog number 2 and go to Royston.

12.00pm: Have lunch in Royston, sprogs go to friend's house for fun. I rehearse lines with my friend.

5.00pm: Walk dogs on heath, sprogs come and find us.

5.15pm: Leave Royston and return sprog number 2 to mother's house.

6.30pm: Leave house to go to play rehearsals. Leading lady ill, so cut short. Stay late with another member of cast to rehearse our lines in act 3. Neither of us can stop laughing at the absurdity of some of them.

9.00pm: We leave together

9.10pm: Get back home and try to calm down.

10.15pm: Absolutely cream-crackered. Goodnight all.

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