Friday, October 02, 2009

Diary IV - The Final Insult...Until Next Week

7.30am: Alarm went off and woke up. Lovely day outside. Went back to sleep.

9.00am: Woke up again, went downstairs and made a cup of tea.

9.15am: Woke eldest son up by threatening to sit on his face. Worked a treat.

9.45am: Had a bath and a shave. That's two of each this month. Am I becoming obsessive?

10.30am: Whilst reading 'Mort' by Terry Pratchett, came to a sudden realisation. The 'evil' character in my novel should not be actually evil. He should be more of an accident prone, do-gooder vicar with a sense of duty who has been handed an awful lot of power. Novel should be finished by 2015.

11.00am: Old friend contacted my via Facebook. We agree to meet up at 1.30pm for lunch.

1.15pm: Gather my stuff together for 3pm meeting with CAB and go to lunch.

1.30pm: Friend is late (as usual). Turns up at 1.35pm. (Men. Ha. Never get things right do they)

2.45pm: After insulting each other for over an hour we part company. He goes to get his youngest from school and I go to CAB.

2.55pm: Arrive at CAB (Citizens Advice Bureau) for meeting with Family Advisor about kids and residency. Discover that eldest can make his own decision about where he lives in January as he turns 16. Brings a smile to my face.

3.55pm: Arrive home and tell son good news. He's happy, but has been told by his mother that he has to make a decision by the end of October. Fine by me and him. If the flat is OK (and I will see it within the next ten days), then I'll move in before he goes to Germany and he can make a decision. Horrible thing for a child to have to decide, but I don't know what else I expected from THAT woman.

18.30pm: Finally get back on MY computer now that my son has been peeled off it.

18.35pm: Realise that the end of the week has been better than the beginning. Can go to sleep with a smile on my face...providing I can find that miniature coat hanger.

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