Thursday, October 01, 2009

Diary III - Another Sequel

4.30am: Can't sleep anymore. As I need to be out of the door by 5.15am anyway, decide to get dressed.

5.15am: Leave house to go and get friend and kids to take them to Gatwick Airport.

5.45am: Arrive. Mother not up, kids ready.

6.20am: Leave...20 minutes late. Mother not going as she is unwell.

7.00am: Stop so one of kids can be sick by the roadside.

9.00am: Arrive at Gatwick and check kids in. Go get something to eat.

10.05am: Get kids back to checkout desk so flight attendant can take them through. Lots of tears from one child as she's leaving her boyfriend behind for seven weeks.

10.30am: Leave Gatwick for return journey.

12.15am: Drop girl's boyfriend off at his house and go visit mother to see if she's OK. She's fine, if queesy.

1.10pm: Arrive home.

3.15pm: Council ring to tell me I'm top bidder for a flat. May get my own place soon.

3.30pm: Bank ring me to tell me that my account problems have been sorted out.

3.35pm: Start blog, wondering how such an awful week can up reasonably good.

3.40pm: Realise that there is still Friday to go. Things could still go horribly wrong.

2 comments: said...

Let's hope you get that flat then...x Friday is but another day

Martin Willoughby said...

To paraphrase the boomtown rats, 'I don't like fridays'. For that matter, I don't like any day with a 'y' in it.