Friday, September 11, 2009

Taking Shape

We've been at rehearsals for a week now and I feel a little left out. Why? My character doesn't have much to do in the first half hour.

In one way that's good as I can see the build up to the main parts for me and get a feel for what I should be doing and how. I've already worked out that my first small appearance is of a man who is just checking on his situation with the new boss.

In the second part, I'm frustrated and anxious and a little worried, but also angry and bitter and seeking to protect myself at all costs. Not totally sure about the third and fourth ones, but I have an outline.

I'm also proud of my son's performance...but I would be. He and his friend did well, considering that they have been thrown in at the deep end. They only have a couple of small cameo's but they've taken to it well.

Roll on next week and more rehearsals.


T. Anne said...

Could you read a book or use that time to write? Sounds like some good down time.

Martin Willoughby said...

Time at rehearsals is best used seeing what every one else is doing and working out how you react to that.

But it is great downtime and lots of fun.

Tess said...

Just soak up the fun of being backstage -- of living the dream instead of sitting in the audience and thinking 'if only'...

Martin Willoughby said...

I've always enjoyed being on stage and only gave it due to my ex-wife's insistence.

I'm also enjoying spending the time with the two boys who enjoy being there with me.