Friday, September 18, 2009

Don't Laugh, Your Face Will Crack

I managed to get through last night's rehearsal without smiling once.

The boys were rehearsing as well and remembered their parts and some of their lines. They've got the whining off to a tee.

I wasn't meant to be rehearsing last night, but I had to take the boys, so I intended to learn my lines. Fat chance. Torvald didn't turn up, so I had to step and read his part, and as I was there, we had another run through of my first big scene with the leading lady.

All I have to do now is learn my lines for Monday, as we're doing the whole of Act 1 without scripts.


On another note, Sonia King is a performer who I've admired for a long time. She writes Christian songs and has done she was fourteen, way back in the 19(cough cough)'s. I've known her as a friend and co-worker and fellow christian since the late 80's.

If you want to sample her work you can go to her website. You can also hear samples of all her music. I recommend 'Together My Friend' on the New World album as it is my personal favourite of all her songs.

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