Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Diary of a Nobody

Tuesday 29th September

7.30am: Alarm goes off. I look out of the window and see a grey sky. Hate life. Go back to sleep.

8.15am: Wake up. Sky still grey. Go back to sleep.

8.30am: Wake up again. Grey sky, but stomach rumbling. Get up, get my pills and have breakfast and a cup of tea. Discover that Cliff and the Shadows have a new album out. Feel a little more cheerful.

9.30am: Shave myself. Feel better. Sky still grey.

10.00am: Second cup of tea, slowly waking up. Sky clearing. Looks like the sun may be making an effort to shine on me for a change.

10.15am: Start writing blog, faintest hint of sunshine breaking through the clouds.

10.23am: Finish blog. Check spelling and grammar. Looking forward to seeing kids at home-ed bowling. Haven't seen them since Saturday. Still feel like world's going to end, but more cheerful than at 7.30am.

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