Tuesday, September 01, 2009

Diary extracts

28th August. Still clearing up the after effects of the spam, as well as dealing with my son's problems with his mother. Still, at least he will staying at a friend's overnight and has been able to stay with me for a week. Invited a friend out for dinner as she's having a rough time at home and with the hospital.

EDIT: friend couldn't make it as she is too tired. We'll go out tomorrow instead.

29th August. Went into town myself as the two eldest are in Royston with friends and the youngest doesn't want to go into town. GLORIOUS. Doing what I want for a change. Collected youngest from his mum's at 10am then spent the day with him and his friend. Took, mum, aunt and the boys out for lunch. Youngest falls asleep on my bed for an hour, before I drop him off, go up to Royston, take my friend out, collect eldest boys and return them to their mum's. Friend much better, but still ****** off with hospital.

30th August. WHAT'S THAT NOISE! Oh, that's silence.

31st August. Bank Holiday in UK, more rest and recovery. Writer's group this evening, my last for a few weeks as I start play rehearsals next week.

1st September. Back to work. Writing, sending emails, making phone calls, fixing PCs...bliss.


Cindy said...

You sound busy! Don't you just love the sound of silences sometimes?

T. Anne said...

I'm glad your getting things under control.

Martin Willoughby said...

Silence = bliss = time to read = time to write = time to put my feet up and go aaaaahhhhhhhh = time time to relax with a film I want to watch.

Martin Willoughby said...

TA - not so sure about being under control, but there is more control than before.