Monday, August 03, 2009


What a fortnight that's been.

In the midst of trying to organise some housing and spend time with the kids now they're on school holiday, a close friend of mine had the temerity to go into hospital with kidney trouble. The cheek of it. Then she had the gall to stay there for ten days....TEN DAYS! I was driving to and from to Cambridge, bringing kids and a mother...oh the strain.

Still, that's what you do for good friends and I don't regret a moment of it.

She's out of hospital now and recovering at home, (hopefully) being pampered by her teenage children and her mother.

Now, where's my bed and that Valium?


Tess said...

Whew! is right! Hope you get a good night sleep. Blessings will be coming your way for being such a great friend when a friend was in need. that's what really counts in life. said...

I hope your friend is continuing to get better. What would we do without them? ;)