Thursday, August 27, 2009


I'm eating a bit of humble pie today. Not much, but enough to make me feel a little silly.

On Wednesday my email account got hacked and was used to send 350,000 spam emails. Thankfully my hosting company saw what was happening and prevented any permanent damage.

As a result I spent yesterday doing virus scans on my PC before my account was re-opened with a new password. There were none, so the only answer was that my password for my email account was easy to guess.

I've now spent over two hours deleting the 19,000 returned and blocked emails, whilst trying to make sure that I don't accidentally delete real ones.

Although I work in PC security, I am aware that anyone can get caught and this event is a timely reminder that it could happen to anyone, however secure your PC is.

The most disturbing stat from this is that of the 350,000 spam emails that were sent, most got through to their intended victims.

Still, I've got rid of a third of them now. Only 13000 to go.

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T. Anne said...

Oh sorry. Glad you've got things handled!