Tuesday, August 04, 2009

A Doll's House (1)

The play rehearsals have started up again and last night we a 'run through' of where the play and the characters are going.

Essentially, us actors have been given a free reign to decide how we play the character. Sympathetic or cruel, happy or sad, dizzy or intellectual etc.

A couple of the characters are the same all the way through, but the rest, mine included, change during the course play.

A brief read through indicates that I have at least four attitudes (pompous, defensive, aggressive and happy), sometimes in the same scene. Not only am I looking forward to this as an actor, but also as a writer. Watching the change in the characters over the course of the play will help me build more rounded characters in my writing.

The first proper rehearsal is on September 3rd, but I shall be learning lines and practising the part before then. When I have something interesting about the process I'll blog it.


Tess said...

Isn't it exciting? How very, very fun for you. I always think my (little bit of) drama background helps me in my writing.

Boudica said...


Where and when will the play be on? I'd really like to see it.