Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Tip For the Day

I was told this by a published writer, so it MUST be true.

When your MS is ready, send it to one agent/publisher at a time and not to 10 or more. If the agent/publisher rejects it you can see if anything needs changing before sending it onto the next one. If you send it to ten at once you've effectively shot your bolt with ten agents/publishers in foul swoop.

Presumably the same applies to short stories.


Eric said...

I suppose that would be true if you're sending out work that isn't really ready. If you've done your homework however, there shouldn't be so much to change that it would be a waste to send it to ten potential agents/publishers. Just my thoughts.

Martin Willoughby said...

If you get kicked-back by an agent, it could be argued that your MS isn't good enough.

It certainly gives you the chance to give it a look-over before committing to sending out again.

To a degree, it all depends on your level of confidence in your work, but I take your point.

Tess said...

I think somewhere in between can also be true. I started sending out queries one at a time...waiting months to hear back and then not getting any specific feedback. I decided to query 4 at a time, and that ended up working for me. I agree we shouldn't shotgun query - but a few, targeted submissions can help speed the process up without killing future opportunities.

Martin Willoughby said...

Good point Tess.