Friday, July 03, 2009


Auditions for our next production have started and I'm nervous. What part will I get? What part will I be good enough at? What's the play?

The play is 'A Doll's House' by Henrik Ibsen. The group tried to put it on a few years back but had to cancel at the last minute when the leading lady was not only pregnant, but also feeling VERY sick at dress rehearsal.

There are three main parts for a man, Torvald (husband), Dr Rank and Nils. There is also a walk on part for a messenger.

Torvald is a large part and a man who treats his wife like a doll (hence the play's title). The other two parts are major, if not large, roles with long interchanges to learn. Whilst I would prefer one of the two smaller roles, it may be that the other, older, gentlemen in the group don't want, or are not suited for, the role.

We have another audition on Monday evening so I'll see what happens then.

At least this time I'll have four months to learn and prepare for the role instead of three weeks.

2 comments: said...

thought I'd wish you luck via blog...not that you really need it now as the audition was last night. Hope it went well though...x

Boudica said...

So, how did it go??