Tuesday, July 07, 2009

Auditions for 'A Doll's House'

It all went well.

Most of the possible cast showed up, which in addition to the people on Thursday means that everyone who wanted to has had a go at reading for the parts they're interested in.

As I've read for all the male roles I've decided that the one I'd prefer would be Krogstad. Why? Near the end of the play he has a change of heart and in one scene changes from a hard-bitten individual to someone who is full of the joys of spring.

Why would he do that? In the past he was convicted of forging signatures and the implication in the play is that it was done out of need rather than greed. As a result he has become a pariah in the community and treated as such. He's also a single father.

When he meets Kristina again, the woman who dumped him for a richer man for practical reasons of her own, and she offers to marry him this time. His world changes and he overreacts as people tend to when their dark life is suddenly exposed to some hope. But how to act this out? It's a challenge I would like to take on.

I was asked which roles I'm interested in doing and mentioned Krogstad and Rank. As another man only wants to do Rank, and is the right age, I may get my wish, but I will have to see what the director and his assistant think.

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KLo said...

Hope you get the part you want : ) I have so much respect for anyone adept at the audition process ... I almost had a nervous breakdown speaking in front of the school board, so I know I could never do anything like act. Yay, you : )!