Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Where Do You Get Your Ideas From?

John Cleese's answer to this question, was "from a little man in Swindon".

Me? History books and magazines are a great source of story ideas, as are songs.

The best songs are those that tell a story that can easily be 're-imagined' (that's a posh word for stolen).

History supplies an endless source of inspiration for stories and characters.

Then there's the Stephen King approach: ask a question and your story comes from the answer.

At some point in the future I may well hire someone in Swindon, but for now I have enough to be getting on with.


Eric said...

Interesting post. My ideas usually just appear, generally when I'm doing something that doesn't involve writing or thinking or anything serious (like driving home from work or taking a shower). And yes, I'm a safe driver, so I didn't mean to imply I'm not thinking. I'm just not thinking very deeply. Anyway, I usually have to be out of the writing frame of mind to get a story idea.

Martin Willoughby said...

How do you keep track of the ideas when you're in a shower or driving? I have some idea whilst driving, but have no way to record them?

WindyA said...

Eric - I'm with you on that. My ideas just pop up. There's not really much that goads this along, it just happens and inspiration strikes.

And as for keeping track of ideas... well I have pens and notepads or post-it notes EVERYWHERE - in different rooms in the house, glove box of car, office, pocket/purse/baby bag depending on what I'm carrying... yeah, I'm a little pathological about it.

T. Anne said...

I've boosted stock in post-it's I have them everywhere in every size and color.

Tess said...

Yes - lots of pens and post it pads in the car, kitchen, bathroom, office.... I also find a lazy afternoon nap helps me muse a story idea.