Thursday, June 04, 2009

What is Writing?

What do you consider to be 'proper' writing.

There's a joke (of sorts) that passes round the writer's group where people say 'I'm going to do some writing tomorrow', to which is added 'emails don't count'.

What would count as proper writing? Short stories and novels would seem to be obvious, but what about blogs, or writing the text for a website? How about an essay for school/college/university?

Where does writing end and non-writing begin?


Eric said...

I think as long as you're writing creatively, you're writing. I would agree that emails and some blog posts do not qualify though. But even a short excerpt of some wandering idea you have is still writing. said...

I still spproach blog writing as I would my stories. I still use proper language - no slang or abreviations if it doesn't fit - and I still ensure that my grammer is correct. I try to stick to the rule of a `middle, beginning, and end` too. I suppose as long as you look at your work as a piece of `your writing`, then your writing.

Miss Mapp said...

Think I agree with Eric. Hope you have a creative writing day yourself.