Friday, June 19, 2009

Burning Man

The Burning Man festival is an annual event that takes place in Black Rock Desert, Nevada and ends with the burning of a wooden man and his dog.

About 40,000 people attend and, according to Dan Ariely in his book 'Predictably Irrational', no money changes hands. What people do is bring along something to give, be it their time, their skills, some food etc.

People give free massages, free counseling, home made jewelry and various other things all weekend: it's a gift exchange.

This is important for two reasons. Firstly, it shows that if we want to create a moneyless, gift-based society in our stories, it is a realistic possibility and not some 'pie in the sky' or fanciful idea. How we translate one weekend a year into a whole society is a different matter, but the foundational idea is there for us.

More importantly than that, it set me to thinking about how much the advice and support that is handed around by agents, writers and ourselves on our blogs is worth in a 'market'?

I would imagine that it would cost a fortune to buy, even it was collated into a small (or large) book.

In honour of all of you who give free advice, this weekend I'm going to set fire to a man (made out of paper) to remind me of all the good, free, advice and help that blogs have given.

Thankyou, one and all.

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Boudica said...

Awww, what a lovely idea. I think I'll join you.