Wednesday, May 06, 2009

What's On Your Shelf?

Taking a look at my bookshelves I realise that I have a lot of diversity amongst my collection.

A sample of my books (one per shelf) is:

The Vicar of Dibley (scripts)
A Word in Your Shell Like (Reference)
World Famous Books in Outline (Fiction/Non-Fiction)
The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes (Fiction)
Vile Bodies (Fiction)
The London Encyclopedia (History/Reference)
Bloody Foreigners (History)
Emotional Intelligence (Science/Psychology)
Oxford Dictionary of World Religions (Religion)
Bomber's Moon (Songbook)

There is also a box of books packed and ready for a house move.

I also have books on science, philosophy, economics, entertainment, old books, new books and classic books.

The oldest books I have date back to the early twentieth century (modern reprints of classics, such as Chaucer's Canterbury Tales aren't old for this purpose).

The last books I bought were 'The Uses and Abuses of History' by Margaret Macmillan, 'The Kingdom Beyond the Waves' by Stephen Hunt and 'Vote for Caesar' by Peter Jones.

What's on your bookshelves?


Litgirl01 said...

Anything and everything! :-) Very diverse! How is the acting going? :-)

Martin Willoughby said...

The acting is fine. We do three nights next Thursday, Friday and Saturday. I should have the performance right by the Sunday after that.

KLo said...

My book shelves are extensive and in every room of my house (and that's not even getting into the dozens of boxes in the garage and basement).

In general, though (as in, the bookcase nearest my "Salinger Space" in my bedroom) ...

* The complete works of Stephen King
* "The Thorn Birds" by Colleen McCullough
* "The Princess Bride" by William Goldman
* "The Color Purple" by Alice Walker
* "Colony" by Anne Rivers Siddons
* "Just Listen" by Sarah Dessen
* A collection of books about Charles Manson
* "Lucky" by Alice Sebold
* Most of Jodi Picoult's stuff
* The collected works of Al Franken
* "The No-Spin Zone" by Bill O'Reilly
* Much of James Michener's stuff
* Various books about teaching, educational theory, and the like

Eclectic, eclectic, eclectic : )

Martin Willoughby said...

KLo, sounds like you'd be happy living in a library.

KLo said...

You cannot imagine : )