Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Writing With the Kids At Home - Day 9

After a productive weekend...well almost...I've gotten back into the swing of things again today.

Writing-wise I've polished an SF short story and submitted it to Pantechnicon, a magazine who published my very first SF story last year. This afternoon I intend to read some more as well as continue with my aunt's autobiography.

As this fortnight comes to an end, I'm coming to the conclusion that it isn't the kids interrupting me that's been a problem up till now. There are always interruptions (some welcome, most not) and plenty of 'reasons' not to write. I tend to use those reasons as an excuse to avoid writing, partly because I don't have the vitality for life that I used to have, partly because if I don't write I won't get rejected...yes, I'm scared of rejection sometimes.

But I have been able to use the time to tidy up old work, revisit old stories and realise that some of them aren't the masterpieces I once thought. I have also been able to redirect my novel, which is similar in scale to getting an oil tanker to do a handbrake turn.

So it's been a useful exercise and one that I will continue for the rest of this week and repeat on every school break.

On other matters, I came across a blog via the Christian Writers Yahoo group written by a published author called Gail Gaymer Martin. The most recent post is about self-publishing and POD.

Have a great day.

p.s. No doolally PCs or PC users today.

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