Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Writing With the Kids At Home - Day 10

Same as yesterday: kids up to their own things and I'm dithering.

One thought has been coming into my mind time and again over the last few days, and it relates to a conversation with a minister some years ago. We were talking over some problems I was having at the time and about the advice other people were giving. His comment, said with a heavy sigh was, 'advice is easy to give when you don't have to follow it'.

Although I can relate that to several things that people have said to me recently, I also wonder how much of the advice given by people to us as writers has been followed by the givers? To put it another way, what is the quality of their advice?

Something to ponder.


Litgirl01 said...

I suppose you just take from it what you can, and leave the rest behind. People mean well.

I see what you mean though. :-)

Martin Willoughby said...

You're right about taking what you can from any advice.

I also wonder about the qualifications of those who run 'creative writing' courses. I've been on a couple and neither of them were published writers. Maybe a view from the outside is necessary sometimes.

I'm in 'Deep Thought' mode today.