Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Writing With the Kids At Home - Day 3

Two kids in, one at a friend's house = relative peace.

It's mid-afternoon and I've tidied up another short story and sent one out for an email evaluation to my writer's group. I've also trawled through my half-started and almost finished short stories to see if anything is worth continuing with.

Reading-wise, I've finished off one book which I wished I'd never started, and began reading another one which has had me in fits of laughter several times in the first 30 pages.

Displacement activities have been:
- making lunch
- buying a couple of storage boxes and a monitor riser
- working on a website to earn money

So far I've done more tidying up and finishing off with regards to writing this week, but I have restarted my reading and am achieving the goals I set some time back of one B.E. per week.

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