Tuesday, March 24, 2009

One Little Thing

When struggling with my writing (or anything else), I often find that doing one little thing can give me the impetus I need.

- Sick and tired of a messy desk? I throw one thing in the bin and watch the effort snowball as I decide that another thing needs to go as well.

- Can't think of anything to write? I get a pen and paper and write down a novel 'to-do' list and then write my characters at the top.

- Don't feel like cooking? I make some toast.

- Kids room a mess? Get them to make their beds...or put something of their clothes away.

- Cupboards need clearing out? Take the first thing out of there, decide if I'm ever going to use it and act accordingly.

A car needs only the turn of a key; a computer needs the push of a button; a child needs a hug.

One small step is all it takes to get moving.

1 comment:

Justus M. Bowman said...

A good point. It's best to skip the thoughts of "I can't" and move straight to the actions of "I can."