Monday, March 02, 2009

Learning to Write

Over the last four years I've learnt a lot about the craft writing. Sometimes it's by trial and error, sometimes through other peoples writing and sometimes from help books and articles. Here's two things.

1. Summarise, then explain. In a novel you'll have a lot of space to do this, in a short story or article far less, and happens a lot at the beginning of most stories. A statement is made and then expanded upon: Where are the characters and how did they get there? What's just happened and how did it happen?

2. Huge, Small, Odd. Or to put it another way, SHOW (Small, Huge, Odd = What). This is a tip I picked up elsewhere, but can't remember where. When describing anything, pick one thing huge, one thing small and one thing odd. For me that would be my ego (huge), my gen......erosity (small), and the way my right eyelid twitches involuntarily from time to time (odd).

Neither of these are 'hard and fast' rules but I've found them to be good guides when writing.

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Cindy said...

I like tip number 2. The huge, small and odd. Sometimes I get so caught up in what my character is doing or thinking or their conversation I forget the detail of everything else, including detail that makes my character who he or she is. Good tip!