Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Family Traits

I've been doing some copying of family videos to DVDs this week, with some funny surprises.

The most recent one I copied was for late 2000, when my kids were 6,5 and nearly 1. I saw that 5 year old (now 13), pull a face that I have seen many times on my youngest. Same attitude, same face, same curling up into a ball when he loses anything.

It reminded me of how much runs through families in terms of behaviour as well as looks.

Many years ago at my grandfather's funeral I caught a glimpse of a cousin, whose face, from the side, had exactly the same profile as another cousin. Facially they were vastly different, but in profile they could have been twins.

As a young child I was often confused for my younger brother. A fact that suited him down to the ground as he was getting into trouble and I ended up getting the blame. After a while I learned to point his victims in his direction.

The reason I'm raising this is that in my novel, there is a father and daughter, and I wonder in how many ways would they react similarly?

Using my family as a guide, more than I'd first thought. It should make writing their scenes a lot easier.

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Cindy said...

Often times I gauge my characters actions or actions based on what I'd do or what someone else I know in a similar situation might do. But lately I'm trying to make those actions and reactions unique to my character--even if that's writing the complete opposite of how I'd expect someone else to act.