Wednesday, March 11, 2009


How many 'displacement activities' do I indulge in?

I have finish off a short story, but suddenly realise that I HAVE to catch up on email. So I get that out of the way, settle down to my main task for the day and then realise that the kids clothes haven't been ironed. After the ironing I suddenly realise that I haven't updated my blog today...and so it carries on.

Here's some of my 'displacement' activities.

Email, BBC news website, vacuuming front room, checking up on kids home-ed, rearranging my desk, tuning my PC, filing my paperwork.

Some of those may need doing every day, but I do use them as an excuse for not getting on with the writing.

So today I vow that I will finish my short story and prepare it for submission...after I've had some toast and made another cup of tea.

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