Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Another Tip

Following on from the last tips, here's another one:

'Write something every day'.

That could mean a well-thought out blog, editing a few paragraphs or even writing in your diary.

Today, I've dealt with two unhelfpul internet hosting companies, taken a nine year old to hospital to have his cast replaced, badgered the two eldest to do their home-ed work and taken the grocery delivery in and put it away. Later on I'll be cooking, feeding the brats...sorry my wonderful children, watching a DVD with them before bed, putting the youngest to bed on time (fat chance) and shooing the eldest into their rooms.

Your days are very likely just as bitty and unstructured, despite your best efforts.

On days like these, I content myself with a blog and a bit of editing. I'll write some more when everyone's in bed. If I'm still awake.


Cindy said...

I admire that, though things are unstructured at times, you are managing to get some writing done amidst keeping the rest of your life in a relatively smooth working order. You are right, writing in some way (even if it is a blog) does help. Now I just wish I'd get some of that writing done on one of my stories.

Martin Willoughby said...

You give me too much credit. Most of the time I'm just reacting.