Tuesday, March 17, 2009

25 things...

I've seen this on other blogs and as it seems like a good idea, I'll do it too. It has nothing to do with a lack of inspiration, or laziness.

1 - I'm generally lazy. If I can find an easy way of doing something, or can ignore it, I will.

2 - I play the guitar.

3 - I was born in London.

4 - I have worked as a banker, a civil servant, a driver, publican, software engineer (code monkey), part-time teacher, meter reader, import/export, loans underwriter, shop assistant, financial salesman (for 3 months, 1 of which was for training), and several other things too.

5 - The longest time I've spent at a job was seven years, six months.

6 - The shortest time I've spent at a job was one week.

7 - I went to university when I was 31 and graduated with a 2ii honours degree in History.

8 - I'm scared of heights...needles...spiders...and water (makes having a bath or shower difficult).

9 - I hate it when it rains most of the time.

10 - I hate grey clouds that just sit in the sky and can't be bothered to rain.

11 - I'm not paranoid. Governments are out to get me, and the rest of the world hates me. In fact, software designers make sure that there is special line of code in each program that causes my PC crash after an hour of use...just mine, no one else's.

12 - I'm a hoarder. You never know, in 100 years time that piece of cheap glassware could be worth a fortune.

13 - I have co-written and appeared in an amateur play called 'A House Divided'.

14 - I used to be an army cadet and was the best shot in the platoon.

15 - My favourite actor is Sam Neill.

16 - I love the smell of freshly cut grass.

17 - I own every Star Trek series and film on DVD...except for the animated series.

18 - Aside from the play I mentioned above, I have also appeared in three Scout stage productions, done stand up comedy, sung and played my guitar, all to crowds who cheered when I left the stage.

19 - I performed with a church choir for two years, taking part in three concerts.

20 - I suffer from Asperger's...well...everyone else suffers from my Asperger's.

21 - I wrote articles on biblical subjects for a monthly parish magazine for two years.

22 - I have three boys, the eldest of whom suffers from Asperger's. One of my proudest achievements is that I haven't killed them...though there have been occasions where I've been tempted.

23 - I think Shakespeare is overrated...and Charles Dickens...and especially Thomas Hardy. But I do have a lot of their work on my shelves and have read some of it.

24 - I speak a little German and can occasionally hold a faltering conversation in it.

25 - My dream is to own a house large enough for me, my kids and a decent sized personal library.

26 - I'm not too good at Mathematics.

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Cindy said...

Great, diverse list! I LOVE the rain and Sam Neill is pretty awesome, too!