Monday, February 23, 2009

Reasoning with the Unreasonable

How do you maintain your standards when others are ignoring theirs to take advantage of you? How do you avoid a fight without being a doormat?

Avoiding people with these attitudes is not always possible, especially when that person lives with you. Moving out is not easy if there are children involved. If there is no violence, it becomes harder still.

I'm facing these problems in my personal life and in dealing with a local government department.

On the personal side I am having my buttons pressed and falling into the trap. I have managed on a couple of occasions to resist, but then the tactic switches to catching me when I'm tired or feeling low. To the children it looks as though I'm being unreasonable or petty.

On the other side, I am being pursued with full vigour, even though the department has admitted the original cause was their own error. How do you fight without resorting to the same tactics or threats? Standing by the rightness of your cause doesn't always help when you're dealing with a bureaucracy.

There are times when good intentions and high morals don't help the situation, but you know that it's the right thing to do. Sometimes 'the self' is all you have.

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