Friday, February 06, 2009

Life... like an hourglass.

We all have roughly the same shaped hourglass and a roughly equal amount of sand. But because of minor differences in the size of the hole and the differences in the sand granules (large, small, square, rectangular) some of us will exhaust our supply quicker than others.

What do we do in our hourglasses? Some of us will spend our entire lives cataloguing each grain of sand and forget to look outside. Others will build huge castles on the sand assuming a long life, then panic as the last grains disappear down the hole.

Some will spend their lives trying to prevent the grains disappearing and try to cling to the glass as time runs out. Still others will sit and build sandcastles. When a hole appears they'll cry 'Whoa, I wonder what's down there?' and jump.

There are many more types that inhabit the hourglass of life. What's your life like?

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