Monday, February 09, 2009

Good or Bad?

One of the questions often asked of the religious is 'if God is so great why do we have nasty bacteria around?'

It's a fair question that cannot be answered by people without a scientific background. If you're desperate for an answer, then read on.

E.Coli is a nasty bug that can kill. It's also at the root of one of the most successful US genetic engineering companies. It has helped produce some of the most effective drugs in the world, including insulin and human growth hormone.

How? By recombining DNA it offers "amazing prospects of exploiting the normally malevolent capacity of a bacterium to make millions of copies of itself in day. The hybrid plasmid, infiltrated with the appropriate gene, could in theory convert the bacterium into a pharmaceutical factory."

You can get further details in the article on the BBC.

Next time someone questions the existence of 'nasty' bugs, tell them about insulin. And remind them to always wash their hands and cook poultry properly.


missieone said...

Congratulations Mr Pessimist just joined the Optimist club!!

Martin Willoughby said...

One swallow doesn't make a spring...