Friday, February 27, 2009

Getting Started

Ever have one of those days when just as you start writing, someone interrupts you with vital information or a request? Welcome to my day.

My nine-year old is home from school today as he has a bent wrist bone. Nine-year olds rarely get broken bones as they are still developing, so the doctor said. Instead they get bent (so to speak).

After three days he still in some discomfort, so there's the odd interruption to ask for more painkillers. Especially after several minutes bouncing on a trampoline or fighting with his home-educated brothers. Hmmmm.

'Can you print this out for me', my ex-wife asks. 'Sure' I reply.

And so it continues.

Not anymore. I have shut the front-room door, put headphones on, started Media Player, powered up OpenOffice, opened the first chapter of my novel...and realised I hadn't updated my blog.

I have now.

Back to the....'Oh, what do you want now? Isn't there anyone else you can ask? Your mother, a poisonous reptile?'

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