Tuesday, January 06, 2009

New Year?

You start the new year with a smile, look forward to the good things that could happen to you...and then you have an accident which results in your car being written off.

A country lane; no grit on the road; -10C last night; midday today; a bend in the road; a car coming the opposite way; a patch of sheet ice; BANG. My car written off, the other badly damaged, four people shaken, some minor injuries.

Just when you think things can only get better, along comes life, chance, luck.

Heaven help anyone who tells me it could have been worse (see previous blog).


However, sometimes you can make the best of a bad situation.

The homeowners next to the crash were kind to us, and took myself and my eldest in for a cuppa and some warmth. An incident which shows that there is still more good than bad in the ordinary people of this world, more trust that suspicion.

As we talked I told them about my work and it turns out they need a PC man to help them. Perfect...almost...sort of...maybe. Writing a car off is not the most cost-efficient way to advertise.

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