Monday, December 15, 2008

Reflections (9)

It's surprising how debilitating a cough is.

As a consequence of my illness, I've been coughing virtually every minute for the last few days. One cough doesn't feel like much of an energy loss and isn't. But every minute of every day wears you out.

A constant tinny noise in the ear of someone with tinnitis; a tiny, nagging pain or headache that just won't go away. These are things that some people live with for their entire lives and cannot just be dismissed as a nuisance. Can we really see through the eyes of someone who suffers these afflictions? Is the reason that so many people want to dismiss these things as small problems that they don't want to have to do something about it?

Just because we can stand things for a moment or two, or even an hour, doesn't mean that we can stand it constantly. To be miserable is a horrible feeling, but one that passes with time. Depression never goes away.

Next time we see someone in constant pain or anguish, even if it is small, let's be more considerate.

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[Naebsy] said...

Martin, it's tinnitus, not tinnitis. Sorry I had to point out, I'm very touchy about those medical terms since they mark us down if we spell it wrong!