Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Reflections (7)

Our world is obsessed with good looks. Those who are perceived as ugly (or old) had better be very talented, or able to fill someone's pockets with money.

It's not just the entertainment industries where this applies either. It also applies in the application of the law and morality. Attractive people are more likely to be found not guilty and we almost fall over ourselves to forgive good-looking people for their 'minor' moral indiscretions.

What kind of world are we building when we judge people mostly on how they look?

You cannot be taken seriously in business unless you wear a suit. Actors and actresses are expected to be good looking, as are singers.

We can point to exceptions, but are they really exceptions, or just less attractive in comparison. Who was the last really ugly actor in films or on TV? Richard Branson may not wear a suit, but he is passably attractive.

Why have we allowed this?

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