Saturday, December 06, 2008

Reflections (5)

Whenever you're ill, positive thinking is hard to come by. As I've been (and still am) ill, most of my reflections are negative at the moment.

I did get some good news yesterday. I emailed, as they are looking for freelancers to write for them. The day after, they called, said good, and can I let them have some ideas.

As a writer it's not often you get a positive response, so I'm going to latch onto that and the other positive rejection I've had this week.

In this regard, it seems as though life is picking up, albeit slowly.

The ongoing saga of Housing Benefits has taken another turn. I received another letter detailing my current standing, which also states that a decision has not been made. I was also told that an invoice would be issued for the recovery of the £1300 cheque they issued.

On one hand, they're telling me I owe them a lot, on the other they haven't made any decisions yet.

On reflection, local government has been designed by bureaucrats for bureaucrats, not for people. That's why it fails to deliver.

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