Thursday, December 04, 2008

Reflections (4)

I'm ill again. Stress related no doubt, but it's still very uncomfortable.

When you're ill you find out who your friends are and who really cares about you. My ex-wife has always subscribed to the 'man-flu' theory and thought I was playing it up a lot. Sympathy was in very short supply.

So why did I stay married so long? Partly because of the kids. I was willing to suffer a bad marriage so they could have both parents around until they were in their late teens.

Mostly, it was because that I believed in the sanctity of marriage and that any problems could be fixed if both people were willing to try. It became clear, after a while, that I was the only one willing to change to fix the problems. That left the sanctity of marriage: at least from my side.

I don't regret it, and I would suffer it again for my kids. They're worth fighting for, and suffering for. They are also innocent in all this.


I had a rejection through this morning, the best one I've ever received.

'Although good, I don't feel that the story fits our chosen categories of fiction; strictly, fantasy, horror and science-fiction. I would urge you to submit your piece to a more mainstream magazine, as it would be a shame if this didn't see print.'

Now that's encouraging.

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