Thursday, November 27, 2008

And so it begins.....

Blogging, diarying, philosophical musings: is there any difference between the three? It all depends on your view of life, on your nature and how you've been nurtured.

I hope that I've broken with some of my nurturing and adapted some of my nature to the life I live now and the life I want to live.

I've started this blog for three main reasons:
- because I am a writer (yes I have been published and paid)
- because I am at the computer most of the day (writing, creating websites, emailing, researching etc)
- I find it easier to write daily at a computer than by sitting down in my armchair with a pen and a paper.

I keep a diary, albeit irregularly, and I write ideas and notes in a notebook, but I need something else and I need to have it 'out there'.

Although I have had some work published, I, like all writers, find it frustrating to get kicked back time after time. I put effort into something and it gets rejected, usually several times. So this blog is for myself and to fill my need to have something that I have created available for anyone to see and, maybe, appreciate.


Who am I? My name is Martin Willoughby, but that is not who I am: it is the name I am recognised by.

I, am a 45 year old divorcee, father of three boys. I have worked at many jobs and for many companies in my life, none of which I felt any attachment to. I enjoy reading and writing; playing my guitar; drawing nature in pencil, pastels or ink; creating things that last; being with good people; drinking tea; eating curry with naan bread and my fingers; collecting books, DVDs and CDs; playing games; sitting in my armchair and thinking about whatever happens to be on my mind; people saying thankyou.

I, am not loud; aggressive; forceful. I, don't enjoy large crowds; surprise parties; fuss.

That is not ALL that I am, but it does give you a window into who and what I am. Pretentious? Maybe I am. You can pass your own judgement over the weeks, months and (hopefully) years that I write this blog.

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